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AutoPollen special issue

The main outcomes of the EUMETNET AutoPollen programme are published in a special issue of the scientific journal Aerobiologia. All publications are made available open access to promote knowledge exchange and help grow the monitoring network.

Clot, B., Gilge, S., Hajkova, L., Magyar, D., Scheifinger, H., Sofiev, M., Bütler, F., and Tummon, F. (2020). The EUMETNET AutoPollen programme: establishing a prototype automatic pollen monitoring network in Europe. Aerobiologia, 1–9.

Buters, J., Clot, B., Galán, C., Gehrig, R., Gilge, S., Hentges, F., O’Connor, D., Sikoparija, B., Skjoth, C., Tummon, F., Adams-Groom, B., Antunes, C.M., Bruffaerts, N., Celenk, S., Crouzy, B., Guillaud, G., Hajkova, L., Kofol Seliger, A., Oliver, G., Ribeiro, H., Rodinkova, V., Saarto, A., Sauliene, I., Sozinova, O., and Stjepanovic, B. (2022).  Automatic detection of airborne pollen: an overview. Aerobiologia (2022).

Tummon, F., Bruffaerts, N., Celenk, S., Choel, M., Clot, B., Crouzy, B., Galan, C., Gilg, S., Hajkova, L., Mokin, V., O’Connor, D., Rodinkova, V., Sauliene, I., Sikoparija, B., Sofiev, M., Sozinova, O., Tesendic, D., and Vasilatou, K. (2022). Towards standardisation of automatic pollen and fungal spore monitoring: best practices and guidelines. Aerobiologia (2022).

Other AutoPollen publications

Tummon, F., Alados Arboledas, L., Bonini, M., Guinot, B., Hicke, M., Jacob, J., Kendrovski, V., McCairns, W., Petermann, E., Peuch, V.-H., Pfaar, O., Siacrd, M., Sikoparija, B., and Clot, B. (2021). The need for Pan-European automatic pollen and fungal spore monitoring: A stakeholder workshop position paperClinical Translational Allergy.

Related scientific publications

Adamov, S., Lemonis, N., Clot, B., Crouzy, B., Gehrig, R., Graber, M.-J-, Sallin, C., and Tummon, F. (2021). On the measurement uncertainty of Hirst-type volumetric pollen and spore samplers. Aerobiologia

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